Manage, supervise and orchestrate inventory and logistic processes

Warehouse management

Accurate inventory data is key for proper planning.

Realizing this goal starts with having a correct administration of all the movements in the warehouse, obviously taking into account locations/lot and quality attributes and supporting multi-plant and multi-company scenarios.

The WMS functionality, while valuable in its own right, also provides a solid foundation for more advanced WES/WCS functionality.

PearlChain WMS offers all the standard functions that you can expect in a WMS system, all of them real-time integrated with the scheduling and shopfloor functionality:

Mobile picking/Shipment

Using the standard WMS functionality a warehouse manager can create instructions for his team, using printed documents, and register the results based on a paper flow.

This works... but means there's always a delay in the registrations which is hampering real-time planning.

Therefore we've introduced out-of-the-box mobile functions that replace the paper flow in the warehouse.

Not only is mobile registration more efficient than a paper flow, it also allows runtime decision-making:

Eg. You can create a transfer order at 9 AM  to move goods to location A because A is free at that time, which is not necessarily the case anymore at the time of execution.

Using a mobile app, the decision to take a certain target location can be made at the time of execution and use contextual information in the process.

Event driven process control

What if the repetitive tasks in the warehouse could be orchestrated by a digital supervisor, freeing the time of the warehouse manager to focus on more important work?  This is where workflows can be used to create tasks for the team (or robots) in the warehouse automatically:

Furthermore, in combination with the product functionality for scheduling and shopfloor, not only pure logistical activities can be handled: Disassembly and assembly activities can also be included in the scope of the automated orchestration, giving you a single system to supervise all activities in the distribution center.