Each company is different, with its own needs and opportunities.  

It is our belief that off-the-shelf product solutions should therefore allow to be continuously adapted to meet the customer needs.

Our technology provides a series of features that support these requirements, and our consultants provide the services to make the most of them:

Flexible Concept

The PearlChain backbone concept is the creation of workflows modeled to orchestrate processes that integrate and organize the collaboration between humans, robots, machines, and IT systems.

Highly configurable scheduling algorithms applied to various flow types result in an overall lean operation.


PearlChain is a modular and customizable framework that is open to extensions and customization.

Implementation consultants use the embedded rule engine and workflow editor to deliver best-in-class solutions.


Software engineers can additionally use low code tooling to further extend any implementation, as well as J2SE Java development for more technical extensions.


PearlChain's integration framework allows it to seamlessly integrate with any of the customer’s existing IT or OT solutions. Of course, in terms of customer IT infrastructure, on-premise as well as cloud-based integration are available.