Learn about the capabilities offered by the PearlChain solutions

PearlChain takes care of your complete Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) on top of your existing ERP system.
A single platform handles the needs of Supply Chain Management (SCM),  Production Planning, Manufacturing Execution and Intraplant Logistics

Supply Chain Management

Streamline the end-to-end material flow to meet customer demand and maximize value by managing  the purchasing of raw materials and planning of production within each plant, and across your network:

Production Planning & Scheduling

Advanced Real-Time Planning & Scheduling (APS) software augments the human planner's capability to optimize resources, reduce inventory, and increase customer service level:

Manufacturing Execution

A Manufacturing Execution System (MES) orchestrates the processes on the shop floor, using the data captured from monitoring to create a continuous feedback loop that ensures quality and performance.

Intraplant Logistics

In-plant logistics software steers the logistic processes within the plant, organizing and tracking the moving of materials in/between warehouses and the shop floor.