REALTIME End-to-end

inventory monitoring

Create visibility in the supply chain

Detailed scheduling

Use the GANTT chart to visualize the planning proposals generated by the system.  

The chart will show the plan by department/section, including production times, changeover times, handling times, dependencies, sequencing and much more.

Plans can also be shown in simpler grid overview and allow the planner to make adaptations, applying his expertise to improve the proposed plan.

Capacity planning

Rather than defining a fixed routing for each final product or service, the supply chain is broken down into processes for each step or action needed.
Based on the modeled business rules, each process is coupled to capabilities and skills needed for the process. 

Capability matching is then used to assign each job to a resource with the right capabilities and skills available in time. This technique is used to continuously calculate and reassess the order flow in real time.

Capabilities can change over time (eg due to machine re-engineering), which is configured by changing the resource setups for the machine.