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VDL Parts manages claims and part streams with PearlChain

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 4, 2015 3:25:10 PM / by Ellen Malfliet

PearlChain for the VDL Groep

VDL selected PearlChain as a reliable partner. PearlChain's scalable, flexible solution is a perfect fit to remain at the forefront of future developments and innovation.

Established in 1953, the VDL Groep is an international industrial and manufacturing company. From its head office in Eindhoven, Netherlands, VDL supervises its subsidiaries, which have a high level of autonomy and responsibility for results.

The bus and coach division consists of coaches, public transport buses, chassis modules, second-hand buses and mini & midi buses.

VDL Parts supplies the complete range of bus- and coach-related parts and accessories for all VDL Bus & Coach vehicles.

The PearlChain Solution for VDL Parts consists of three main components.


  1. Part Management

The PearlChain Solution provides Configuration Management with Data import and Data enrichment using Shape-IT, the powerful rule engine.

Via the webportal, the dealer can find every part for every bus and coach ever made by VDL. Search criteria can be either the chassis number or, if this is not known, the type  or other search criteria The installed base (iBase) then uses the Bill of Material (BOM) to provide the correct number.



  1. Claim Management

As part of Contract Management, another element of the project will entail claims management. The PearlChain Solution keeps track of the warranty period for each individual bus or coach. Whenever a repair is carried out  under warranty  the dealer can enter a claim via the web portal to recoup the cost of the part and, if applicable, a set number of worked hours.

These claims are entered based on chassis number as the warranty period is linked to a combination of time and mileage.


The claims are then investigated by the national sales organisation (NSO) of VDL Bus & Coach. When requested for investigation, the dealer sends the parts to the NSO which forwards them to VDL Parts  in Veldhoven (NL) to determine the validity of the claim.




  1. Business Warehouse

The PearlChain Solution includes all online reporting: the business warehouse (BW). The data from SAP and from the Parts and Claim application are captured and processed by PearlChain, providing analytics such as for instance:

* parts' price

* parts that often require replacement

* most replaced parts for a given type of bus or coach

* parts sales and purchase as well as warranty claim statistics




Rather than going through the steps in a fixed sequence, the PearlChain Solution creates a flexible workflow to process the claims.

Via the user-friendly interface of the PearlChain portal, the dealers can easily look up the required part based on part number or description. The PearlChain Solution then feeds the parts number into the dealer’s SAP, generating a purchase requisition. The resulting order or EDI message is then transferred to VDL Part’s SAP where it is processed into a sales order.

In the future, a direct connection between the PearlChain Solution and VDL Part’s SAP will enable dealers without SAP to process their orders directly.




Topics: value chain optimization, supplier collaboration