Job Description

We are looking for Analysts/Modelers.

PearlChain sees each customer demand as a unique pearl. Each customer has its own unique need and it is important to respond as closey as possible in order to create a unique customer experience and customer intimacy.

To achieve this, we define the company processes (and products, services, semi-finished products, you name it) down to the smallest details. All these aspects are interconnected depending on their relationships.

We help our customers achieve customer intimacy at an affordable price by optimally leveraging the available resources in the value chain. The value chain stretches from our customer's customers to the suppliers of their suppliers. The PearlChain Solution defines the unique experience of the end customer and indicates what needs to be delivered in order to create it. All actions required to create these unique experiences, these pearls, are planned together in the most optimal sequence: the chain.

This gives our customers their competitive edge: as their delivery process is optimised and their end customer is happy, our customers have the data and the means to optimize their own product. Through the diversification of their offers and the agility at the changing customer demand, they achieve and maintain the edge in their sector.

We offer you the opportunity to build a truly innovative, best-of-breed product and to take part in demanding projects for best-in-class organizations, both in Belgium and abroad. Of course we provide a competitive renumeration package, adaptable to your own priorities.

Innovation is the core of our company, so of course our employees are constantly to date with the latest technologies, using on the job training, seminars and regular internal workshops. We are a quickly growing company with a very flat structure and a great atmosphere so you are ideally positioned to bring your ideas to life while occasionally playing a friendly match of soccer against our customer teams.

Desired Skills & Expertise

First and foremost you have an interest in IT. You have Master diploma in Commercial Engineering, understanding of Supply Chain management is a definite plus.

You have good communicative skills in English, Dutch is a bonus. You have an interest in personal development and a sense of initiative, as well as the technical knowledge and insights to convince others.

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