Collaborative real-time planning across all internal departments and suppliers.

Planning and execution in a continuous loop

As manufacturers move away from Make-to-Stock towards mass customization and a Build-to-Order (BTO) or Assemble-to-Order (ATO) business model the need for solutions that address this paradigm shift is critical. 

Unlike traditional ERP systems that base production scheduling and procurement activities around infinite capacity PearlChain takes a different approach that allows manufacturers to provide customers with accurate capable-to-promise (CTP) commitments.

Using PearlChain customer orders are evaluated in real-time and slotted within a finite schedule with purchase orders released to support Just-in-Time (JIT) and Just-in-Sequence (JIS) raw material and component delivery to work centers. 

PearlChain delivers enhanced coordination across the extended value chain and eliminates the need for manual intervention when production orders deviate from plan.

Instant visibility into your orders, supply chain, and work centers enabling you to plan and schedule in real‐ time.

PearlChain enables you to:

  • Be responsive to customers/build to order
  • Reduce Operating Expenses, eliminate waste
  • Drive higher throughput with lower safety stock
  • Increase order delivery compliance
  • Adjust to dynamic events with agility
  • Predict and solve bottlenecks/constraints
  • Gain process insights -­continuous improvement
  • Focus on product in the certainty that your daily operations are optimized

Whether discrete or process, manufacturing activities have a structure, a perfect sequence to coordinate and manage resources, parts, components, and assemblies.

Everything needs to be available at just the right moment so each order can move seamlessly through production until it is ready for delivery to the customer.

In most cases, however, manufacturing activities are far from Lean or just-­‐in-­‐time, as parts are delayed, work centers become unavailable.All too often, planning and reality are two different worlds.

This is where PearlChain drives your business value.

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