Construct in Sync: Manage the unpredictable and focus on your core business

Business Challenge

  • Delivering what was promised to the customer against your KPI's
  • Better visibility on the planning horizon.
  • Achieving capability to promise (CTP): create offers based on available capacity
  • Downsizing stock to near elimination levels

Critical Success Factors

  • Changing the mindset: from firefighting to proactive planning
  • Meticulous project follow up: every change in the project is immediately communicated to all stakeholders
  • Dynamic use of capabilities
  • Suppliers to buy in: clear communication and agreements regarding orders and deliveries


  • Automating the planning and steering
  • End‐to‐end visibility of all projects with detailed views in a complex environment spanning months to years
  • Interactive simulation reflecting the effects of different scenario's on the entire value chain in real‐time. This enables decision making as the end results can be compared immediately
  • Management by exceptions: focus on your core business
  • End-­‐to-­‐end solution with "plug & play" connection to third parties (for instance via EDI) with additional programs (e.g. connection to existing payroll and track & trace) in function of customer environment
  • Automated progress reports with full editing capabilities
  • Materials requirements planning and Capacity requirements planning in finite capacity
  • Capability to Promise
  • Visual representation of all statuses across all levels (dashboard)

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