Dynamically re-prioritize the optimal product flow  across your end-to-end value chain by following customers' behavior in real-time. 

The Business Challenge

  • Make sure that the right product is sitting on the shelf when the customer is ready to buy.
  • Share captured point-­of-­sale(POS) data in real-­time among the links in the manufacturer's supply chain so all can respond to actual market demand instead of supply chain distortions.
  • Introduce reliable “available-­to‐promise” and “capable‐to-­promise” capability into the manufacturer's supply chain.
  • Reduce excessive stock kept throughout the chain.

Critical Success Factors

  • Installation of a dynamic, real-­time Collaborative Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment (CPFR) software solution that utilizes point‐of-­sale (POS) data.
  • Transparency throughout the entire chain.
  • Interfacing with the existing tools at the company as well as those of third parties: data from all systems is used for calculations, any deviations automatically generate alerts for the company internally as well as for third parties.
  • ControlTower functionality: redalerts are pro‐actively generated only when intervention is needed. As long as everything goes according to plan the system is self‐sustaining.

Project Results

  • Successful use of POS data to drive decisions in the supply chain.
  • Installation of PearlChain’s real‐time collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment (CPFR) functionality into the supply chain.
  • Realistic “available‐to-­promise” and “capable-­to-promise” capability in the supply chain.
  • Less buffer stock kept throughout the chain resulting in lessworking capital expenditures.
  • PearlChain can scope the project exactly to the current demands and keep all options open for future expanse of the scope as part of continuous improvement.
  • At any moment the company can choose to expand the system to include functions

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