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PearlChain offers the only Real-Time Operational Technology Software Solution


An Enterprise Resource Planning software solution that truly combines planning and execution in real-time. A GPS for your business to steer the way you work according to your goals, taking into account the real-time capacities of people, machines and materials.

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PearlChain: Industry 4.0 enabling Software


A GPS to help you improve your Business

Planning is crucial in all industries, but different industries require a different kind of expertise. Benefit from our industry specific knowledge via our tailored solutions in following industries:



Leverage real vertical integration to reprioritize your product flows based on actual customer behavior


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Transform your Ship Management to get the most out of your assets


The ship management industry faces many challenges today, forcing businesses to look for alternative ways to lower operational costs and improve supply chain efficiency. With continued globalization, there is a demand for increased flexibility that requires new levels of control. PearlChain is a leading global provider of a fully comprehensive solution that integrates your organization's applications.


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Collaborative real-time planning at VDL Nedcar across all internal departments and suppliers

Customer orders are evaluated in real-time and slotted within a finite schedule with purchase orders released to support Just-in-Time (JIT) and Just-in-Sequence (JIS) raw material and component delivery to work centers. PearlChain takes a different approach that allows manufacturers to provide customers with accurate capable-to-promise (CTP) commitments.


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Meet your SLA's through optimal response planning and real-time visibility of field assets 


Optimally adhere to your SLA's by combining remote condition monitoring for preventive maintenance and remote diagnostics with configuration management and modification procedures. Keep track & trace of spare parts and the technician information matrix: detailed overview of skills, material on board, location and tasks completed.


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Manage your yards by exception as a construction company of the future.


Real-time project management in 5D: from As Engineered to As Maintained across all your yards incorporating the Building Information Model (BIM), augmented reality and machine learning. Proactively steer your project administration to maximise your asset utilisation and ensure your actions remain profitable.


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Manage your deals from Engineer or Configure - Price - Quote (EPQ or CPQ) to effective Contract Management.


Most Engineer or Configure-Price-Quote (EPQ or CPQ) solutions stop once the contract is signed, but, for many companies, what happens after the sale will determine whether or not a customer relationship is profitable. The ability to manage the customer relationship and the revenue cycle really depends on your ability to effectively manage the contract cycle.


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